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Cocoon tree - a luxury tent getaway

Ever dreamed at being one with nature, without the annoying, inconvenient and uncomfortable necessity of camping? Cocoon Tree now offer a luxurious option that takes glamping to a whole new level. Cocoon Trees are spherical in structure, made of an aluminium frame and covered with high quality tarpaulin. Designed to provide maximum comfort, the Cocoon is equipped with a bed measuring 3 meters in diameter and can easily accommodate a couple and two children.

The Cocoon can be placed on the ground with the help of adaptable feet, or attached to a suitably-sized floating ring, installed on a platform, suspended from above, or from ropes threaded through the 12 fixing points around the circumference. The Basic model is three meters (9.84 ft) in diameter, weighs 120 kg (264 pounds), and features a spherical T6 aluminium frame covered with waterproofed white tarpaulin with mosquito nets over the openings.

The Cocoon Tree comes in a basic model, with a Mehler PVC membrane and the basic necessities. But if want added luxury Cocoon Tree have plenty of little extras you can add to your tree tent. You can have fans and heating units installed, so that your pod is suited to all seasons. And one other thing that Cocoon Tree is ahead of its competitors in, is added safety and security. There's plain wood floor inside, that's been treated against moisture. Lying on top of it is a high density foam mattress with a protective cover, that's big enough to comfortably sleep two adults.

And don’t worry, you aren’t expected to set up this rather complicated structure yourself. Skywalker offers a set up service, to make sure that everything is constructed and installed to the highest possible standards. They also offer a maintenance service to ensure that your pod stays safe and you can sleep soundly.

Cocoon Tree Village, a luxury Glamping Concept

Glamping will transform your natural location into attractive tourist destination. Our famous Cocoon Tree can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel or tree house, spa & many more. Start your glamping business with the famous Cocoon Tree design. Innovation and technology integrated for a new experience of nature.