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The Cocoon Tree bed is 3 meters in diameter and accommodates 2 people very comfortably or even, a couple and 2 small children. It features a high quality mattress and custom made duvet tailored for exceptional comfort.

There are different models of the Cocoon, designed according to various uses: Cocoon Tree is a tree tent, Cocoon Deluxe is a model with luxury extra's and the Cocoon Jungle, coated with synthetic fiber that imitates bamboo, offers full protection from the elements. All these can be placed on the ground with adaptable feet, fixed on a post driven into the bottom of a lake, attached to a floating ring, suspended in a tree or floating on a platform.

Who's Buying the Cocoon Tree?

The Cocoon Tree is ideal for (luxury) resorts, Hotels, Bungalow resorts and Camps that want to offer a unique experience to their customers. But also individuals that have the space in their garden for this one-of-a-kind tree house, can experience waking up between the birds.

Cocoon Tree general specifications:

The Cocoon Tree is a 120 kgs aluminium sphere structure covered with a Korean tarpaulin. It is intended to be hung in the trees by ropes, cables or webbings. It is accessed by optional nets that also provide security.

The Aluminium structure and wood floor

  • T6 aluminium, diameter 3 meters.
  • 12 elongated rods for the top , 12 shorts rods for the low part.
  • 1 articulated circle for the top , 1 articulated circle at the bottom.
  • 12 large monobloc units for the junctions with hanging hole for the passage of the ropes.
  • 12 small monobloc units for joining the base elements.
  • 2 circles pole for fixing the rods with bolts and screws.
  • A 2,50m plain wood floor treated against moisture.

The Korean tarpaulin

  • A top tarpaulin with openings for inserting the monobloc units and low tarpaulin with 3 openings-doors with mosquito nets and Zips

The Bed Pack

  • A 2.40 meters diameter high density foam mattress with its protection cover.
  • Bedsheets, duvet in white cotton, all tailored to the 2,40 m mattress.

The aluminium frame is guaranteed for 5 years subject to adequate installation and normal use. The white Tarpaulin is guaranteed for 2 years.