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Glamping will transform your natural location into attractive tourist destination. The famous Cocoon Tree can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel or tree house, spa & many more. Start your glamping business with the famous Cocoon Tree design. Skywalker and Glamping Technology Ltd. are offering you innovation and technology integrated for a new experience of nature. 

Skywalker is partnering with CocoonTree., to design and create your glamping business from start to finish. We take care of the appropriate plan that will enable the effective execution of the project and we will help you to advertise it. We will begin from checking the potential of your location and we'll help you to find proper tools to satisfy your new guests and yourself. We will do everything that's in our power to successfully work together.

Together with our partners we provide you the most efficient way into the glamping business. If you have dreams of setting up a glamping business then the first thing you should do is to listen to those who have already done it. We give all our knowledge and support of glamping & present ready-made solutions.

Cocoon Tree Village

A brand new way to start your ECO tourism business: Together we build the first suspended hotel in the trees, and boost new touristic inspiration.

Be the first in Tree tent Hotel or Village concept:

  • An Hotel that will be visited by hundreds of tourists for a dream of spending a night like Robinson Crusoe!
  • Ecological, innovative recreative Glamping Concept
  • A village in the trees at the water's edge will be Hit!
  • Return on investment in 24 month maximum
  • You will be known over the world

After determining all the details related to the opening the new glamping spot, we'll proceed with construction of work or other modernization activity needed to make your glamping spot special for your new guests. That gives you a true definition and a way of life.

We deliver a Turnkey project:

Introduction to glamping business: We'll present you the specifics of the industry, how to successfully enter the market and we'll show you few successful cases. We'll give you necessary guidelines for planning your business.

Glamping investment opportunities: Present revenues, profitability, costs, ROI, real property search and much more. We will do our best to optimize and accelerate your budget at the beginning of your journey.

Creation of hospitality intelligence: We'll examine the tourism and location potential, we'll present the selection of products and accessories to make your site more attractive. We will use all our knowledge to help you the best we can.

Architectural planning and landscape design: Prepare initial draft, present a potential destination system, help in obtaining required building permits, however, our products do not always need them. We will present full documentation of our work.

Creating promotional material: To relieve you from your responsibility we will create a web site, copywriting, and marketing strategy. We'll advertise the further promotion of your glamping business and will do much more.

Glamping brand strategy building: Help to build, define and clarify individual strategy identification system, we'll take care of visual communication within the potential destination, brand and marketing.

Your investment:

The Cocoon village that includes:

  • 12 x Cocoon Tree tents
  • 7 x Cocoon Splash with off-grid energy generator, ecological separating toilets, greywater filter, portable outdoor water heater, shower set
  • 4 x Cocoon Tables for the meals
  • 4 x Cocoon Zen to relax
  • 1 x Cocoon Dome for reception and meals preparation
  • Including all materials, full installation and engineering studies

The investment for this complete Cocoon Village as described above is € 350.000,= (excluding VAT, Duties and transport). We offer the option to produce our materials in your country to prevent high transport and duties, but it will be depending on the country and project size.

Interested? Contact us to discuss your potential project!

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Cocoon tree presentation Cocoon Village map