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Operators of commercial outdoor climbing centres are no longer missing out when it comes to the latest trend in adventure and leisure activities. Skywalker now offers the POWERFAN as part of their portfolio containing state-of-the-art climbing park layouts.

The POWERFAN provides everyone who wants to experience genuine free fall conditions first hand but considers parachuting or bungee jumping too expensive or too extreme with the opportunity to try skydiving as part of a visit to an adventure or climbing park – and, thus, in an absolute safe environment.

The POWERFAN. Technical background.

The POWERFAN concept has been developed by the British company Dropzone Ltd. Users wear a body harness, with a high tech polyethylene rope (the DROPE™) attached to it. The POWERFAN converts the potential energy released during the fall of a body into rotational energy by using a large fan. The heavier the individual the higher the rpm of the fan. The fan is powered solely by the body mass of the "skydiver" and requires no additional external power supply.

The basic version of the POWERFAN enables dives from 900 ft. above ground. The initial 600 ft. represent a genuine skydiving experience, after which the POWERFAN ensures a soft and easy touchdown.

The POWERFAN. In bullet points.

  • Extensively tested. Complies with all current Health & Safety regulations
  • Suitable for healthy individuals of all age groups with a body weight of up to 18st
  • Easy maintenance that can be carried out by the operational staff on site 
  • High visitor turnover (up to 500 dives per day)
  • Designed for more than 1 million jumps and low maintenance
  • Specially developed polyethylene rope (the DROPE™). Twice as strong and of a 10fold higher durability than the standard ropes commonly used in the sector
  • Straightforward installation – on new and already operating sites alike
  • Can be easily operated by staff.